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new balance 999 comprar party

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 "after the Sixth National Congress of representatives of large and complex central organization, content differences contradiction is also one of the reasons for failure of party." "When the end of year 38, when the military defeat of our 37, Dayton was falling apart, general members, and even the central senior cadres, all that I do not step down, the Communist Party will not be peace talks with the government, I do not step down, the U.S. aid will not come back. "As a result, Chiang said he step down, causing no central chaired a defeat out of control "first presidential speech 蒋公思 want total set" Volume 25 pages 131,133. .(3) "The number of cadres in the new balance 999 comprar   party itself has not quite perfect, especially psychologically committed a great mistake," or "defeatist mentality." ④ ZHANG Yun: "The Complete Works of Chiang Kai-shek," Volume 2 page 1925.Why would produce this mentality is this  Chiang analysis, said:"Since last year, Xu mussels battle, many comrades everywhere to see our country fail, so he thought of the party in the military, politics, has been caught in irreparable despair. Almost become helpless and doomed prisoners. Such people are completely The defeatist. "④Another error psychology is "psychological capitulation."Yet another mental error is "psychological dependence doctrine." Chiang

 Kai-shek in the analysis of the psychological reasons for this, said:"Since the late war, comrades too much emphasis on international relations in general, and even that solve our domestic problems, nor foreign aid and understanding can not: in particular, the United States, particularly deposit a psychological dependence, and that without the support of the United States assistance, we can not # # #, but not everyone feels the imperialists against the Soviet Union # # # victory almost desperate "⑥ ZHANG Yun:.". Chiang Kai-shek Complete W new balance 998 españaorks "Volume 2 page 1926.How to correct these mistakes  Chiang put forward two options: one is "transformation", "renewal" KMT; second is to carry out "practice" campaign. He declared:"In the spirit of self-improvement, to break the defeatist mentality, must be self-reliant personality Zoran to eradicate psychological dependence doctrine." ⑥Third, Chiang said: "The political failure" and also cause the total collapse of the KMT on the mainland. Chiang much introspection in this regard. When he Yangmingshan "Academy of revolutionary practice," said the opening speech:"In accordance with the provisions outline the founding prime minister, 'the political tutelage to constitutional, must go through certain procedures'; political tutelage of knowing that we have not completed the program, knowing intellectually is still not to the extent of implementation of democratic politics, but because of the relationship between internal and external environment

makes political tutelage completely destroyed all the old system and the new system has not been established constitutional period. Simply put, the new system is not established, and the old system had collapsed, so the formation of such a disjointed mess phenomenon in politics This is a failure of our policies, so that the entire political brink of collapse. "Click to the next pageDai Li and Chiang Kai-shek (picture)This article taken from "Ace agents - to decipher the secret power pool step Wizards Island" Yue oriental PublishingGeneration Jianxiong Wang, how did he die  "Culling" said he died in Japan, in fact, it was a Jiaxi. Wang's death, although starting in the "Old invasive recurrence," but really send him away to the west, or due to be deciphered secret power, let him defend the weak Chiang know the command to start the Dai Li assassination.Wang inverse assassination, after playing the left ridgeWang participated in the revolution led by Sun Yat-sen earlier time, he has been looked down on stage late Chiang Kai-shek, had set up a "reorganization of the Kuomintang faction" Chiang Kai-shek. Wang Jiang confluence until the end  new balance 996 españa  of 1931, Jiang Zhujun, Wangzhu Zheng, Wang served as Premier and Foreign Minister, two people are not always the face and the heart and.November 1, 1935, the KMT six fourth Plenary meeting in Nanjing by Wang served as chairman of the meeting. By convention, after the opening plenary session, all members of the group photo you want to take a picture, while allowing countries to reporters candid news photos. That day, when the meeting emcee wrong playbill, later sang the national anthem, please Wang Jingwei opening statement. Wang has been engaged in this sudden change confused, usually not here how eloquent tongue so that together, speaking haltingly, the crowd suddenly orderly chaos.

new balance 620 baratas In terms

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group of major war Ye Ting. In the Northern Expedition, as an independent group 2 Battalion, he always took the lead. Relying on such a sacrifice courage, his Ping Jiang compensation, of course, the people happen to us. offensive, rather than help us, "" first presidential speech want total set "Volume 42, page 23.For the above-mentioned drawbacks of the military presence, Chiang Kai-shek made must be "corrected." How to "correct" it  Need "soldiers one", "consistent life." Jiang asked the heads of the soldiers at all levels and through thick and thin. new balance 620 baratas  In terms of civil-military relations, Jiang proposed a "civil-military unity" slogan. ③(5) proximate cause of the failure of the military, but due to the wrong strategy. Chiang strategic error blamed on the failure of Marshall's mediation. He says:The outbreak of war, "our government mistakenly believed Marshall's mediation, the most sophisticated military open to the northeast, so that emptiness mainland troops each battlefield feels flimsy, once a strategic mistake, and that the tactic can not be remedied so, of course, fail faster. "" first presidential speech  want total set "Volume 27, page 23.(6) On the history of the law of failure: a failure of the law in Chiang mind, namely:"The army of the same system on Chinese history, we can only have a specific task, when reached after this task, it must be

 degenerate, as for the final elimination of the failure, which has become a law of history." Chang Chi-yun: "First President Chiang The total collection of public thought and speech, "Volume 2 page 1961.Chiang also cited the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, Zeng's Hunan destroy Taiping, but not conquered Nien example to illustrate.Chiang said:"After the war, our military corruption is more significant in the whole army, have shown an imaginary air of arrogance; this army I knew non-failure can not." ZHANG Yun: "The Complete Works of Chiang Kai-shek," the first two on page 1962. After the battle, the soldiers wittily said: "The army is coming 'promise gods', what enemies are not afraid!"At 10:01 on October 15, 2009 Phoenix historical consolidatedTotal Comments 1After the war, "We beat the opposition new balance 574 comprar is almost always the military, the military is in such advantages, this may be the big bang, courage, and military mediation team of three people, each of the progress of our country in the military, always raise serious protest, hinder obstruct really know what to make of the army beaten, can not make it fall short while after the enemy suffered a fatal blow, not only have a chance to breathe, but so that it can calm the whole complement, develop and expanding its bite, and death so that we were so The final collapse. " "So we have a military failure, can be said to still be a failure in diplomacy."Second, the Chiang Kai-shek that "counter-insurgency failed last step is the party's failure.

" Chiang Kai-shek in the "reinstatement of mission and purpose," the speech said:"There are only certain unworthy of the party, since that the party has failed to act as a traitor lackeys hesitate to sell the party defection, even looting, muddy the waters, which makes sense of shame to make funeral, act like a buffoon, so that the people lax, morale falling funeral form The situation of disintegration, "Chang Chi-yun:." Complete Works of Chiang Kai-shek, "Volume 2 page 1957."Today, we have failed to the point that most fatal" because the party's "g new balance 420 comprareneral cadre generally guilty of hypocrisy problems, learning phase in vain to exaggerate, but not realistic. Popular result of this trend, making the troops, authorities All work and school, commands, and reports are deceiving, mutual blinded, but not a few things are completely real, can trust, "Chang Chi-yun:." Complete Works of Chiang Kai-shek, "Volume 2 page 1926.Why is there such a situation  Chiang believes the following reasons:(1) "The main reason for the failure of the party was shaken faith in the Three People's Principles." Chiang said: Party cadres occurs shaken, not the mistaken belief that "New Democracy" is a democracy, or a "revolutionary Three People's Principles." ZHANG Yun: "The Complete Works of President Chiang Kai-shek first" Volume 2 page 2247.

new balance 1300 baratas time

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Battle tingsiqiao battle, the Battle heshengqiao Li repeated military exploits.After the Revolution failed, XJ Shen revolutionary guerrilla warfare devote themselves to learning theory, make their own military theory has been greatly improved. In 1930, a Red Army commander ordered any XJ Shen came to Henan, Anhui Soviet conflicts after three small stocks as a Red Forged iron division powerhouse, laid the initial foundation for the Red Army. When he and the deputy commander of XuXiangQian tacit understanding, in a year's new balance 1300 baratas   time, directing more than 2,000 people to destroy 1.5 million people Kuomintang regular army, creating a "snake swallowing an elephant" miracle.August 1930, XuXiangQian led the KMT was wearing red a division of the Civil Rights Division chase. The two sides fought a fierce battle in northwest Sigu Huang pier area. Red 1 division withstood the onslaught of the enemy counter-attack after. When armies are see-saw rivalry, the two suddenly gushed behind enemy Red Army troops, forming pincer attack. This change beyond everyone's expectations. Red 1 Division soldiers will soon wake up, cheering: "Xu Xu commander commander returned with troops back!!" In fact, according to scouts XJ Shen intelligence had learned Sigu pier battlefield situation. In order to achieve greater victories, his clever ingenuity shipped, no positive reinforcement troops tight red one

division, but Huibing enemy detour to the rear, forming a pincer attack, in one fell swoop to seize the battlefield initiative. Two forces around exert oneself, one clip a squeeze, rout the enemy two brigades.At 10:01 on October 15, 2009 Phoenix historical consolidatedTotal Comments 1We generally get along with officers and Americans, by Americans of education, the strengths of the U.S. military did not learn a little, then dedicated to imitate the lives of Americans and disadvantages, such as "indiscriminate smoking, drinking, playing cards,  new balance 1500 baratas    prostitution," not knowing it only the U.S. military side of life, "and the lively business for serious work, but on the national allegiance lies the essence." Real-called "poor imitation like a dog." "This is the biggest reason for our military to the failure of the last four years, but also our Chinese past four years, the biggest reason for the party, political and military collapse completely," "first presidential speech  want total set" Volume 23 page 104.Another cause of the above conditions are:"There is no modern military knowledge." The reason is: "learn too little, not pay attention to add"; "Most of the children born in the rural community and the bourgeoisie, somewhat conservative and more", has always been content with "pampered environment." Jiang concluded: "While everyone born in the era of modern science, and everyone's spiritual, academic, life, action, do not deserve to be a modern soldier." ZHANG Yun: "The Complete Works of Chiang Kai-shek," Volume 2 page 1931.How to overcome the above disadvantages  Chiang said:"Today we come to a complete overhaul, cheer the spirit of the army, the transfer

 troops ethos, the fundamental point to proceed, or to focus on the establishment of the system," especially to "establish a sound monitoring system." "To establish military monitoring system must be thoroughly reform the current system of Lands." Mostly due to political staff recommended in charge, "future military Lands Department personnel selection by the party, be appointed by the government, must not be allowed to listen to the troops in charge of the appointment and supervision of the armed forces to take responsibility, to save the general officers of corruption today greed, lawlessness, abuse freedom of action "③ ZHANG Yun:." Complete Works of Chiang Kai-shek,  nike air presto 4 2014  "Volume 2 page 1931.(4) officers and opposition, civil-military disconnect is another reason for the collapse of the military. Chiang said:"Many senior commanders to fight every time, not in the land ready vehicle is ready to ship in the water, one comes to the crunch, his men on the matter of life and death, and the first to escape from the vehicle or boarding, so no personality rulers, can be said to shameless, how can I get men's faith  but generally senior generals, voluptuous in life and enjoy, is this another point with the joys and sorrows mean  "in terms of civil-military relations, "You could say bad to the extreme." "Our troops into every village, the village in a better house, it must be occupied by our military;  something borrowed is not returned to the people, the people are not damaged appliances such

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